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The 11th of November is near. It’s almost upon us. This is a special day as it is that time when everyone is to particularly honor the people who have used their life to serve in the military and to those who are diligently serving their respective community. Moreover, November 11 as a holiday also provides an awesome chance to teach the society concerning the sacrifices made by the veterans, the military and their families all throughout the year. Just think about those times of loneliness, of missing homes and important celebrations, just to be able to protect and serve the nation.

So what are your plans to honor our veterans this November? Certainly, there are a number of ways you can think of, but please make it one of your priorities to support those veterans in business.

Dr. Nicole M. Brown, RN is a veteran and the founder of The Nurse Dolls!! Check out the website: www.thenursedolls.com

A Brief Background

The United States of America celebrate Veterans Day every November 11 of each year. This commemorates that certain point in history where the armistice that finally stopped WW1 has been signed in 1918, which ended the war between two great nations, the Allied Nations and the country of Germany.

Every November 11, the veterans in America are given thanks and recognitions for their selfless service for the country. It is particularly made to honor all Americans who served in the US military during wars, especially those who are still alive. At this day, you can see many parades held by each state and church services you can attend to. Also, flags are hung during half mast wherein the people observe almost 2 minutes of complete silence at 11 o’clock in the morning. There are schools and universities declaring this day as official holiday for their students, so there’s no class. However, others don’t and just choose to celebrate with programs and activities.

Although the official date for Veterans Day is November 11, whenever this date falls on a weekday, most states decide to celebrate such on the nearest weekend. This way, many people can attend the events and be part of such meaningful celebration. If you’re wondering if the federal government offices are open, the answer is no. They are close on that day. If the celebration falls on Saturday, they are close by Friday and if it falls on Sunday, they are close on Monday. But since each state and local government has their own rules concerning the Veterans Day, they can choose to stay open on this day as well as private schools and businesses.

Veterans in Business

Becoming an entrepreneur has been considered a natural progression from someone who comes from the military or have served in the military, most especially those who were working for the elite sectors. Why? What could be the reason? It is simply because these people absolutely understands the importance of motivation, discipline, and of course, hard work to be successful at something or to achieve a goal, just like successfully taking a military operation during wars.

The integrity, drive and leadership attitude they have learned and put to heart when they were in the military surely works well with the demands in the world of commerce. When they decide on something that can potentially affect another’s life, they have this unique and inner desire to be holistically prepared, to communicate with efficacy and clarity, as well as to decide in the middle of a chaotic scenario. As you may know, a big part of being an entrepreneur is facing calculated risks, which someone with a military service background or simply one who is a military veteran in our community knows very well.

The latest census shows that 9 percent of the businesses in all of US is owned and managed by military veterans, which is equivalent to around 2.4 million companies that handle almost 6 million employees. Significantly, another research finds that many Americans (70% of them) would choose to invest in veteran-owned businesses compared to others.

Truly, the veterans in our respective community do not only risk their own life for the safety of the nation, but they also play a big part in the country’s economic development and in creating a positive impact in the society, and of course, to their employees.

So let’s support veteran-owned businesses just like The Nurse Dolls founded by Dr. Nicole M. Brown, a Desert Storm veteran herself.

Happy Veterans Day

Dr. Nicole M. Brown, DNP, RN

Founder: The Nurse Dolls

Founder: Nursing Success College


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