Who Takes Care of NURSES?

In grade schonursing stressol children are encouraged to bring an apple for their teacher as a way of saying Thank you. In Corporate America birthdays, anniversaries, and the welcoming of a new bundle of joy to an employee’s family warrant some form of celebration and gifts. Showing Thanks and celebrating one another become part of our societal norm and cultural mannerisms very early on in life.

When we are treated at a medical facility, whether pre scheduled appointment or emergency, we are usually self-focused. A myriad of emotions may befall the average patient, “Is everything alright with my health”? “How much will this visit cost me?” “Is this procedure going to hurt”? What we rarely notice is the Nurse taking our vitals, gathering information, concerning over the smallest detail of our health and in the fight with us.

Who cares for the one caring for all? Many Nurses cite stress and fatigue as the leading cause of burn out in the field. Multi-tasking to ensure that every patient receives the best level of care while working long arduous rotating shifts, is not for the weak. Thank God, there are Nurses and Healthcare Professionals that care for us physically and emotionally when our bodies cannot or will not care for itself.

There are many ways to show appreciation for our Nurses. A little known secret; many Nurses are trinket and toy people who become excited by representations of their field. The Nurse Dolls, books and DVD make a great Christmas, Birthday, Graduation, Nurses Week, and “thinking of you” gifts! If the Nurse in your life ever uses a pen, haha, we have those and Nurse lollipops are available as well.

Let’s not forget our Nurses and how hard they work physically, mentally, and emotionally to keep us well.

Nicole M. Brown, MSN, RN

Founder:  Nursing Success College & The Nurse Dolls



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