Top 12 Nurses to Remember for Nurses Week


1. Mary Todd Lincoln was wife of President Abraham Lincoln, during the Civil War worked as a Nurse.

2. Clara Barton is known as the founder of the Red Cross, which began as she worked battlefield during the Civil War.

3. Lillian Wald pioneered public health nursing by placing nurses in public schools & the National Organization for Public Health Nursing.

4. Janet Jagan a Nurse who co-founded the People’s Progressive Party. She was the first woman to become Prime Minister & President of Guyana.

5. Colonel Florence A. Blanchfield was the first nurse granted a regular Army commission in the Army Nurse Corps.  Has a Army Community Hospital in Fort Campbell, KY named after her.

6.  Jane A. Delano was a nurse, administrator and leader who was a pioneer in her field, overseeing the mobilization of U.S. nurses overseas during World War I.

7. Mary Breckinridge focused on Mothers and Babies & founded the Frontier Nursing Service focused on Nurse-midwifery.

8. Margaret Sanger was a Nurse who founder 1st Birth Control Clinic in USA in 1916 in NY, which later became Planned Parenthood.

9. Virginia Henderson is often referred to as “the 1st lady of Nursing” developed nursing theory by Identified 14 basic needs.

10. Dorothea Dix was a Nurse devoted to the mentally ill & lobbyed legislators to establish state hospitals for the mentally ill.

11. Dr. Jean Watson is a Nurse who developed the Human Caring Model with 10 Caritas Factors.

12. Florence Nightingale – famous nurse in history, known as The Lady with the Lamp & The Mother of Modern Day Nursing.

During Nurses week from May 6-12th every year take time to hug a Nurse and remember the nurse leaders of the past and present.

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Nicole M. Brown, MSN, RN

Founder: The Nurse Dolls

Founder: Nursing Success College


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