Top 10 Reasons to Work a Holiday Shift

996083_513902512050742_522995733_nIf you are a nurse or in health care chances are many of you are working this holiday weekend. You might be bummed about missing time at all those family events. However, there could be an upside to that.

Thought I’d lift some spirits by sharing my top 10 reasons that working holidays is a perk of nursing:

• Excuse not to go to a party you did not want to attend.
• Getting paid ‘holiday time’ or getting some extra time off.
• A less hectic shift, as many procedures might be postponed.
• A good excuse for missing those family gatherings.
• Missing that one family member that makes your skin crawl.
• A plus: is meeting patients’ families.
• Time to celebrate with your colleagues, eating the whole shift because it is there.
• Days off during the typical work week.
• The Doctors and social workers won’t be in the office
• What ever you do – Smile and Enjoy the Season

By Angela Brooks –

Happy Holiday’s to all the nurses and healthcare providers who are spending their holidays on the job!
From Nurse Nicole!!

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