Too Many Nurse Jobs, Not Enough Nurses


When it comes to nursing jobs, some may say that there are not enough nurses to fill those positions. With many schools and vocational centers, there are many nurses graduating each year. However, while many graduate, there are more that simply just do not get into the schools altogether.

Despite people saying that nursing jobs have been on a freeze, nursing is still said to be one of the top careers in 2011. Statistics show that there are going to be over three million jobs added by the year 2018. However, will there be enough nurses to fill these jobs?

With many of the baby boomers turning sixty-five, they are eligible for Medicare and since Medicare offers better health coverage than some, this gives the need for more and more nurses and positions to care for all of the patients. In addition to the baby boomers getting over the age of sixty-five, there is also the fact that they will be retiring, making more nursing jobs open.

Many are calling on advanced practice nurses to provide primary care so they can fill in the gaps left by a shortage of primary care physicians. This helps to provide more medical care where a doctor may not be available. Society needs to do everything it can to get the word out so that the increase of nurses can fill all the new jobs that are to come.

In addition to more jobs opening and the need for nurses rises, comes the point of nurses wanting to go to school for nursing but not being able to afford the schooling and training. Though enrolling in school has increased, the students that drop out from not being able to afford that school is also high.

Schools are also turning away many qualified applicants, making it impossible for some to become nursing students. Over sixty-five thousand qualified applicants were turned away from nursing programs in 2010. One main reason is that the schools were understaffed and had not enough teachers. The reason why so many schools are without staff is the pay. So many people do not want to take the teaching jobs because the pay is thought to be too low. It is estimated that a new nurse with a PhD can make up to two to three times more money than they can make at a teaching job in a nursing school. Professionals will soon be obligated to pay teachers more if they want to have them work to teach more students.

With so many nursing jobs becoming available, there is a great need for more nurses, particularly specialty nurses. So many nurses are retiring and not enough teachers are available to teach future nurses, helping to create the current shortage. The phrase not enough nurses to nursing jobs is correct; there will need to be more solutions made to address this problem. This will give more students an opportunity to get more training to get nursing jobs.


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