Are Monster and Zombie Toys appropriate for Children?

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As the leaves begin to fall and the temperature outside becomes cooler, it is apparent that Fall is upon us. In recent discussions with my friends, I have come to realize that people love and look forward to this season for varied reasons. I love the renewing of the land. Fall serves as a constant reminder that with every season comes a rebirth; a renewing of the mind and spirit.

Issue #1: One thing I never got used to was the connotation of Fall with Halloween and everything spooky. As I travel in and out of popular department stores, I see depictions of Halloween and a rise in monster, vampire, and spooky dolls. Though my family and I do not partake in the custom of Halloween, I do not judge families that do. I do however, deem it important to discuss the negative effects that monster & zombie dolls may have on our children who see the world in much different ways than we do as adults. A child’s imagination is colorful and inventive. If positive influences are fed to a child then the outcome of their imaginative play is usually positive as well.

Issue #2: If influences such as toys depicting monsters and vampires are introduced to a child, the imaginative play changes to attributes befitting of monsters and vampires. The way children pretend play carries over into their interaction with peers. If they are playing with vampires some things incorporated in the play are biting, the undead, preying and feeding on the living and sexually alluring looks and actions. Not only are these dolls and figures unrealistic they are not the best play role models for our children.

There are many other alternatives to monster, vampire, and scary dolls. Alternatives that are better influences for our kids.

The Solution: A new idea. Lets’ have toy and doll lines completely focused on a profession voted the most trusted and honest for over 13 years running. Of course, this is Nursing. The Nurse Dolls offers your child books, DVD’s and dolls of positive role models.

Your Nursing Mentor,

Nicole M. Brown, RN, MSN

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