Celebrate International Women’s Month


International Women’s Day was first observed in 1909. In the USA, there was first a Women’s Day on March 8th, and then the USA expanded to a designated National Women’s Week. In 1987, Congress expanded the celebration to the month and March was declared Women’s History Month.

Nursing is the largest healthcare profession in the world. The Profession of Nursing is female dominant.

Women are the largest population of caregivers in the world. Women provide the most amount of assistance to younger and older family members.

We have to celebrate nurses & caregivers during Women’s History Month.

Top Reasons to celebrate Nurses during International Women’s Month

An estimated 94% women to 6% Men in Nursing. (www.rwjf.com)

Everyone will need a nurse from birth to death. (www.rwjf.com)

We need more nurses due to the 1,000,000 nurse shortage. (www.rwjf.com)

Top Reasons to celebrate Caregivers during International Women’s Month

An estimated 66% of caregivers are female/women. (www.caregiver.org)

An estimated 20% of all female workers in the United States are family caregivers. (www.caregiver.org)

Nurses and caregivers have to be represented in International Women’s History Month. Whether you are an Advanced Practice Nurse, Registered Nurse, New Graduated Nurse, RN, LPN, CNA or Caregiver then International Women’s History Month is for you.


Nicole M. Brown, MSN, RN

Founder: The Nurse Dolls

Founder: Nursing Success College




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