6-Figure Income Nursing Careers and Businesses


Are you experiencing low income and horrific work schedules?

Maybe you’re just like me.  I didn’t have anyone to help me understand that more was available for me in my nursing career.  I was working long hours and trying to have a life, along with taking care of my three kids, it was almost heroic.

I then sought out a mentor, one who could get me where I wanted to be – having my own business where I could use my nursing degree to achieve a higher level of income.

Having more money and autonomy is no longer a dream just for me. It is available for you too!

Let the Nursing Success College provide you the success tools, resources and guidance towards enjoying a 6-figure nursing career or business.



15 Minute Initial Consultation


2 Hour Mentoring Consultation


12 Wk Professional Nurse GROUP Mentoring Class


12 Wk Professional Nurse 1-1 Mentoring


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