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I have been working on this dream since 2009. A toy line focused on the most trusted profession in the world: Nursing. Each time I left for work in my white lab coat and scrubs on, my children would ask me, “Are you a doctor or a dentist?” I could not find any toys to educate my children about nursing and health topics on store shelves or online. So, I decided to start a product line with books, DVD’s and dolls to educate children about nursing.

My biggest job is as a proud mother of three. I’m dedicated to providing positive images of the nursing profession for children and the world, including writing children’s books, developing animated DVD’s and a doll line focused on nursing. This is for those looking for products to provide health education and nursing role models to children. I think when too many people think nurse, getting sick or being hurt comes to mind. But, I hope to teach kids at a young age that seeing a nurse is a good thing. It means they’re getting well.

Nurse Linda + Nurse Nicole + Books + DVD






Explaining the ins and outs of nursing to my children inspired me to write my first two children’s book, N is for Nurse, and Wash Your Hands, from The Adventures of Nurse Nicole series. True to life, the book describes a mom who is a nurse explaining nursing to her three children.  In addition to books, I also created an animated DVD that explains how nurses and mom’s outsmart germs, entitled, “Battle of the Germs.”.

Also, new to the nurse line, The Nurse Dolls Nurse Nicole and Nurse Linda dolls are the first 18 inch dolls introduced from The Nurse Dolls line. They both can be played with by children or used as a collectors item and put on a shelf.

Recently, I received 3 boxes Nurse Nicole & Nurse Linda doll prototype’s  each. It was nice to see what all my hard work has come to.  I would love to share the dolls with you as soon as the first shipment comes in November. They are so beautiful. Connect with me on social media.

If you are looking for dolls that can be a role model and introduce your child to a career, please consider sharing The Nurse Dolls with the books and DVD with your family or loved ones.

Happy Nursing to All!!

Nicole M. Brown, MSN, RN

Nurse Linda + Nurse Nicole + Books + DVD





Both Dolls + Books + DVD

Please view the following sites about the Nurse dolls, books & DVD:

Providing Positive Images of Nursing to the World,

Nicole M. Brown, MSN, RN

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