Preparing Your Home for Flu Season

High feverMost of us focus on flu season, well, when someone in our home becomes ill. There are precautions to take and preparations to make in our homes in anticipation of the season as it approaches. Here are a few tips that can make a difference.

  1. Stock up on various sizes of hand sanitizers, especially alcohol-based hand rubs. Keep them in every room and pack them in purses, book bags, and the car. The point is to get your crew accustomed to keeping their hands clean.
  2. Incorporate disinfectants into your cleaning routine and supplies. There are “green” products that are effective and some that are not, so be mindful.  Keep a disinfectant handy in the bathroom and kitchen to clean off surfaces affected by germs at all times. The CDC suggests, “Read the label to make sure it states that EPA has approved the product for effectiveness against influenza A virus.”
  3. Keep your cleaning tools such as mops and cloths sanitized and clean before every use and after every use. Replace sponge heads on mops when possible. Rinsing in hot water helps kill germs.
  4. Keep tissues, soap and disposable hand towels in the bathroom. If you use cloth towels, remember that they spread germs and wash them frequently.
  5. Sanitize and disinfect technology. Your telephone (cells included), computer keyboards and the remote control carry germs. Purchase keyboard covers made of a washable material.
  6. If you have a visitor that has had the flu or a cold and who is coughing or sneezing, remove your children to another room during the visit, and disinfect after they leave.
  7. Humidify your home and keep the humidifier’s filters clean.

Need more tips? Visit the CDC’s website or for more information.


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