Five Great Mobile Apps for Your Health and Wellness

Deutsch: Blutzuckermessgerät iGBStar für iPhon...

Deutsch: Blutzuckermessgerät iGBStar für iPhone und iPad von Sanofi Aventis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A smartphone is only as smart as you make it. Ever wish you had health and wellness at your fingertips? Well, these apps are smart, useful and easy to access from your phone.

Healthy Habits
Healthy Habits is an app that helps you put your good intentions into action! Most of us know what we want to change…we often even know how to do it. The problem arises because we don’t put that knowledge into action.

Your diabetes management becomes more flexible with SiDiary. Now the iPhone and iPod Touch platform join the family of SiDiary mobile clients. SiDiary supports all diabetes types and therapies (Type 1, 2, pumpers etc.) and data tracking is pretty easy.

Quick Health Calculator
Use this application to quickly calculate your risk level for type 2 diabetes, hypertension and CVD.

Mood Panda allows you to:

  • Rate and track your mood
  • Keep an interactive Mood Diary
  • Show graphs of your mood over time
  • Post your mood to Facebook/Twitter
  • Share your Mood with friends
  • See what makes you happy

Mindful is a tool for tracking your food intake and meeting your weight loss (or gain) goals.

Do you use an app not on this list? If so, tell me more in the comment section below.


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