Begin the New Year with These 3 Eat Well Tip Sheets from Let’s Move!

letsmoveweblogoEveryone loves first lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! Initiative. What’s not to love about a movement to get us moving, especially our children? Childhood obesity is a growing concern as is adult obesity. I believe we should begin this New Year with a resolution to make healthier choices in our homes, and Mrs. Obama and others have provided us with some tools and resources to make healthier food choices for our families.

Concerned about purchasing healthy foods on a budget? Well, Choose My Plate provides this wonderful guide, Eating on a Budget – The 3 P’s, that provides practical advice.

Need some guidance on choosing the right produce for a balanced meal? Ten Tips for Affordable Vegetables and Fruits is awesome for answering those hard questions.

Who likes to count calories? I don’t and if you’re like me, then coming up with menus is even harder when counting calories. Once again, there is help with this guide to Sample Menus for a 2000 Food Pattern.

Scour the site for more useful information as well as print these tip sheets out and keep them handy in the kitchen or wherever you plan your family’s meals.

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