Little Girls need Positive Female Role Models






When it comes to little girls and pretend play the choices are quite limited. While there is nothing wrong with being a princess, ballerina or a fairy – these options don’t showcase rewarding real life careers such as that of a Nurse. As a child, I remember wrapping paper around my stuffed bear to symbolize broken or fractured limbs. I would fix the arm of my teddy bear by removing the paper and sending them on their way while awaiting my next patient. I always longed for dolls and accessories that would make my play experience more enjoyable and realistic.

I grew up, served in the military, became a veteran, became a nurse and a mother of three and had no more time for pretend play. My children would see me get ready for work with my scrubs and white lab coat and would ask “Mom are you a Dentist or a Doctor?” As I explained to them the amazing field of Nursing it hit me, I had been a Nurse for over 15 years at that time and my children still didn’t quite understand the concept of what I did day in and day out. The children weren’t exposed to pretend play opportunities or accessories that conceptually made the Nursing field make sense for them. Worst of all, my Daughter wasn’t being given pretend play opportunities aside from being a princess, ballerina….or a fairy.

As a Nurse Educator, I have a calling to provide our youth with positive role models. As a woman and the mother of a little girl, I have the responsibility to expose her and other young women to careers in which they are not only contributing members of society but pillars of their community. I created The Nursing Dolls, accompanying books, and DVD’s to provide education about the Nursing field and Health Care through play.

Happy Nursing Always!!

Nicole M. Brown, MSN, RN

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