You Can Become A Professional Nurse – Mentorship Program


Today is a great day to be a nurse. Nurses are role models to the public. Nurses are natural educators and on the front line of healthcare.

First you must get into Nursing School and Succeed!!! Do You Have The Skills & Keys? This is where the Nursing Success College can help!!

We are offering 2 FREE chapters from the Amazon Best Seller, “You Can Become A Professional Nurse.”

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To be ready to be successful in nursing school, and get the advanced training you need to bring you to the success level, then you should seriously consider attending the 8 week course: YOU CAN BECOME A PROFESSIONAL NURSE!



The Nursing Success team has been working to provide you with the opportunity to have more success in nursing. We have developed an 8 week course from all 30 chapters in the, “You Can Become A Professional Nurse,” book and workbook.

You Can Become A Professional Nurse – 8 week Nursing Mentorship Course Outline

Week 1 Module                 Phase 1: Pre –Nursing

Chap 1 – Introduction to Nursing

Chap 2 – Nursing As A Calling

Chap 3 – Pre-Nursing Courses

Week 2 Module

Chap 4 – Pre-Nursing Tests & Application

Chap 5 – Pre-Nursing Financing

Chap 6 – To Work or Not to Work

Chap 7 – Real Talks – Personal Life

Week 3 Module            

Chap 8 – Mindset & Coping with Stress

Chap 9 – Letter of Acceptance

Chap 10 – Culture of Nursing

Chap 11 – Daily Habits & Future Success

Week 4 Module                Phase 2: Nursing School – Real Talk

Chap 12 – Time Management

Chap 13 – Finances in Nursing School

Chap 14 – Mentorship & Recourses

Week 5 Module  

Chap 15 – Lecture/Classroom

Chap 16 – Clinical/Practice Lab

Chap 17 – Test Success

Chap 18 – Personal Life in Nursing School

Week 6 Module(1)  

Chap 19 – Keys to Nursing Success

Chap 20 – Culture in Nursing School

Week 6 Module(2)           Phase 3: Interview with Nursing Students

Chap 21 – Successful Nursing Students

Chap 22 – Unsuccessful Nursing Students

Week 7 Module(1)             Phase 4: Graduation & Passing NCLEX

Chap 23 – Graduation Plan/Enjoy

Chap 24 – Passing the NCLEX

Chap 25 – Study Habits and time Management

Week 7 Module(2)           Phase 5: The Novice to Expert Nurse

Chap 26 – Novice to Expert Nurse

Week 8 Module                  Phase 6: The Future of Nursing

Chap 27 – Careers in Nursing*

Chap 28 – 6-Figure Career Nurse

Chap 29 – Millionaire Nurse

Chap 30 – Your Next Steps

BONUS SESSION            REVIEW ALL 30 Chapters (Q&A Session)



We are so excited to provide you with the strategies to success in nursing with this course work. We believe that with the proper tools every nursing student can become successful the first time.

We are offering 2 FREE chapters from the Amazon Best Seller, “You Can Become A Professional Nurse.”

YCBAPN - Amazon Book


Your Nursing Success Mentor,

Nicole M. Brown, MSN, RN

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