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The Story Behind THE NURSE DOLLS

I am a mother of three children. Each time I left for work in my white coat and scrubs, my children would ask, “Are you a doctor or a dentist?” I would respond, “I am a Nurse.” They would ask, “What is a Nurse?” I could not find any toys on store shelves or online in 2009 to educate my children about Nursing and health topics. So, I decided start a product line with books, DVD’s and dolls to educate children about Nursing. My goal is to inspire children to become a future, student, and eventually a Professional Career Nurse.

Explaining the ins and outs of my profession to my children inspired me to write my first two children’s books, N is for Nurse, and Wash Your Hands, from the Adventures of Nurse Nicole series. True to life, my books describe a mothers’ explanation of Nursing to her three children.

In addition to the books, I also created an animated DVD explaining how nurses and mom’s outsmart germs, entitled, “The Battle of the Germs“. As a mom and a Nurse, my #1 job is to protect my children from the illnesses germs can cause. Hand Washing is the #1 way to fight off Germs!!

The NURSE DOLLS are 18 inch dolls. The Nurse Dolls are a unique, creative and career oriented doll line, which is sure to have a positive future impact on the current Nursing shortage in the United States. As a Nurse educator, I feel a calling to better educate our youth about healthcare issue’s and invite young children to pursue the profession of Nursing. With their beautiful craftsmanship and professional healthcare clothing and accessories, The Nurse Dolls make a perfect gift for the beginning and avid doll collector as well. The Nurse Dolls are a Multi-cultural doll collection. The first line of dolls from The Nurse Dolls are Nicole (African American) & Linda (Caucasian American) coming out Fall 2015.  The second line of dolls from The Nurse Dolls line are Margarita (Hispanic American) and Nurse Asia (Asian American) coming out soon. A line of clothes, health related accessories, and The Nurse Doll Hospital are soon to follow! These unique dolls fit the standard 18 inch American Girl Doll clothing and accessories. 

N is for Nurse, Wash Your Hands, Battle of the Germs And THE NURSE DOLLSdistills my 20 years of nursing experience into vibrantly illustrated children’s books, DVDs and Nurse Nicole & Nurse Linda dolls that outline what Nurses do for us. The Nurse Dolls, DVDs & books educate children about the #1 health care career in the world today, Nursing, through play. My goal is for children everywhere to proudly announce to their moms and dads, “I want to be a nurse one day!”

The Nurse Dolls provide a platform for children and the world to see Nurses as the Role Models and Heroes they truly are. As HEROES, Nurses make a difference every day. Everyday Nurse Heroes provide caring, compassionate and competent care to their patients in various settings daily. Nurses as role models, function in a traditional role of being a health educator for their communities. Nursing has been voted the most trusted and honest profession by the Gallop Polls for over 12 years (Gallop Poll, 2014). Nurses as role models provide education in various settings on multiple health topics daily. Finally, there is an educational toy line available to provide positive images of Nurses as Heroes to children and the world.

Moms, Dads, Grandparents and Teachers need to have books, DVDs & dolls that display role models and heroes to children.  This is the first product line solely focused on health careers and I receive daily thanks from parents for showcasing health careers in a fun and creative way to their children.

I’ve spent a lifetime as a Nurse, but I also consider myself a Nurse Educator, which is where I get ideas for my work, books, DVD’s & dolls.

CYBER MONDAY SPECIAL : 1 – 18 inch doll, 1 FREE Book & 1 FREE DVD = 59.99

Nicole M. Brown, RN, MSN is the founder of The Nurse Dolls, LLC.

Grand Opening – Black Friday & Small Business Saturday
The Nurse Dolls Shop, 2545 Bellwood Rd, Ste 306, Richmond, VA 23237
Open Fridays 9am-7pm
Open Saturdays 9am-3pm
Call for an appt. (804) 731-4590/(863) 221-1778


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