Little Unknown Black Nurse History







In the Beginning for Black Nurses

Wet Nurse is a woman who breast feeds and cares for another’s child. During slavery, African American women were forcing to function as wet nurses for their owners.

Famous Educated Black Nurses

Rachel Robinson is a former nurse and the widow of baseball player Jackie Robinson. She founded the Jackie Robinson Foundation.

Betty Shabazz, widow of Malcom X, completed a degree in NURSING before becoming an educator.

Famous Black Male Nurse or those who contributed to Blacks in Nursing

James Derham born a slave, he purchased his freedom by working as a nurse & opened a medical practice.

Daniel Hale Williams opened Provident Hospital and Training School for Nurses, the nation’s first hospital with a nursing and intern program.

Black Nurse Organizations

National Black Nurses Association – 150,000 African American nurses & students – 92 chapters (35 states).

CHI ETA Phi Sorority – professional organization for RN’s & students with – 22 chapters (26 states).

Black Nurses Rock-the newest & 2nd largest national black nurse organization-150,000 nurses & students.

Famous Movies or TV Show focused on Black Nurses

Nurse Julia – Diane Carroll as Nurse Julia 1st AA woman to earn an Emmy nomination & won 2 Golden Globes.

HawthoRNe – Jada Pinkett Smith as Nurse Christina Hawthorne as CNO & President of a Hospital. She won an Image Award.

The Book of Negros Movie – Aminata Diallo is forced into slavery & used Nursing midwifery skills for a living.

Nurse by Association

Salt & Pepper Rap Duo met – In 1985, while studying nursing at Queensborough Community College.

Henrietta Lacks- Nursed the world with human immortal cell line known as the HeLa cell line.

Nicole M. Brown, RN, MSN

Founder: The Nurse Dolls

Founder: Nursing Success College


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