Enroll - 8 Week Student Nurse Mentoring Program

Join our Student Nursing 8 Week Mentoring Program today and let the Nursing Success College help you have a dynamic nursing school and post career experience.


Professional Nurse

Having a rewarding career means that you can have a rewarding salary.  Let the Nursing Success College help you become a 6-figure earner in your nursing career.


Enroll - 8 Wk Future Nurse Mentoring Program

If you have a student between 8-18 that is interested in a nursing career, it’s never to late to start preparing for their future.  Let a representative from the Nursing Success College help to map out a blueprint for your young person’s successful nursing career.



“Educating the World through the Art & Science of Nursing”


In order to have nursing success, you must first have a mentor that can help you take the “right” success steps, then pursue and obtain the nursing career of your dreams.

Whether it is getting into nursing school, meeting the prerequisites for your education, help you with life/school balance, successful time management principles or getting some of your time back while building your nursing income to a 6-figure and above salary.


“Our vision is that people everywhere will have the education and resources to become the best nurse they can be.”


The Nursing Success College is your answer.

In fact, a great mentor can help you take the right steps while in high school, to help you get through nursing school and beyond.

You’ve made up your mind that at a young age you may have dreamed of being a nurse, you possibly had a life altering experience that thrust you into pursuing a nursing career, or you have decided that you want more out of nursing and will put in the added work to have a nursing business of your own – yes, that’s right you can become a Nurse CEO!

Is this for me?  Well, if you’ve read this far, then you possibly said “wow, that’s what I want” or “wow, that sounds like me” in something you’ve read above.

Yes, you have done great up until this point with a lot of self-taught mastery, “way” to go. Now, the Nursing Success College will take it to the next level and give you the added knowledge you need to make your Nursing Success Dreams Come True!

Aren’t you tired of not knowing the secret, you must want to know how to get more out of your Nursing career?  It would be great to just have a hint, huh?


Let the Nursing Success College help you!


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we look forward to speaking with you about your nursing career!


Nicole is an incredible role model for our youth to learn about the nursing profession and then once a nurse; to be supported and inspired. With Nursing Success College, Nicole is bringing her talents as a nurse, educator and mentor to the forefront which will serve future generations of nursing success!

Michelle Podlesni RN

NNBA President www.nnbanow.com, Founder Unconventional Nurse

“Nicole is a brilliant nurse educator with an incredible commitment to making sure nurses are well prepared for their careers and their futures. As a model business leader, Nicole has a wealth of information to share and her trainings are sure to take your ventures to the next level. Her work has been an inspiration for me in my business, and I highly recommend her to help you achieve your goals!”

Marsha Battee, RN

Lifestyle Design Strategist for Nurse Entrepreneurs, The Bossy Nurse

Nurse Nicole is an inspiration for many nurses, nurse entrepreneurs, and aspiring nurses across the globe. She has managed to utilize her gifts and talents to increase awareness to the profession she loves. What better way of decreasing the nursing shortage in this country than to increase awareness by targeting the youth. By educating them, they will know what a nurse does and will have developed great respect for nurses as they mature. Hopefully they will become nurses or may be able to help recruit individuals to our profession. I’m excited and look forward to seeing Nurse Nicole as a household name all across the country with her children’s books and dolls. She is a nurse on fire and she rocks! 

Suprena Hickman, RN, BSN, MBA

Founder & CEO, Escape 2 Sisterhood, LLC

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